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  • Subject: [chef-dev] Re: chef_gem is wrong answer
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 21:07:06 +0400

How it can be?

Chef client/solo collect all cookbooks that should be used in current Chef run (as usually), create Gemfile using collected metadata, and run bundle. And after successful bundling it runs actual converge process using bundle exec with specified Gemfile/Gemfile.lock.

2012/5/23 Akzhan Abdulin < " target="_blank"> >
Hello Chiefs,

I think thank realizing of chef_gem resource is wrong answer for embedding gems into chef run life.

This is because some cookbooks will require differenct versions of the gem with all usual versioning problems.

Right answer is extending of cookbook metadata with something like or exactly Gemfile.

Today Bundler correcly handle various requests of application to install gem assorti.

Best wishes,

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