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  • Subject: [chef-dev] Re: 7/18 Opscode Code Review
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 10:06:52 +0200

Looking at the list of tickets, you stopped reviewing just before my ticket: COOK-1379

Any idea when this might go in?


On 18 July 2012 23:28, Bryan McLellan < " target="_blank"> > wrote:
I realize now that when I said last week that we were caught up on
code review I didn't consider the cookbook tickets which we only
review once a week. We're still catching back up on those, but we'll
get there soon.

We're doing some further refinement on our Omnibus build system after
the last release, creating APIs and adding more platforms. The Chef
10.14.0 schedule looks together and the final release will probably be
around the week of 8/13.

If you want to play with it,

The new build system is here: http://github.com/opscode/omnibus-ruby
The software definitions to build Chef are here:

To merge:
  KNIFE_EC2-71 - region, distro, image, flavor, and availability_zone
flags cannot be overridden as command line arguments if set in
  COOK-1351 - yum repository recipe for repoforge
  COOK-1353 - yum repo x86_64 centos path fixes.
  COOK-1354 - centos6 memcached development package changed its name
  COOK-1365 - nagios_conf definition does not use the nagios
user/group attributes
  COOK-1366 - Allow tmux conf file, CentOS support, Travis CI
  COOK-1310 - HAProxy redispatch flag has changed
  COOK-1316 - nginx default site should not always be enabled
  COOK-1374 - sv-unicorn-run should use node[:runit][:chpst_bin]
instead of hardcoding command name
  COOK-1377 - Allow client.rb to require gems

  CHEF-2517 - $HOME not set correctly
  FIXME - All the tickets
  OHAI-390 - run_command fail if the current path doesn't exists
  Reviewed - refactor both run_command_unix and run_command_windows
  COOK-1352 - add includepkgs repo filter capability to yum repos.
  Reopened - Why allow both mirrorlist and baseurl?
  COOK-1363 - Samba user password assignment fails on systems using
dash as default shell
  Reopened - Patch breaks everything other than dash
  COOK-1378 - nrpe.cfg template in the Nagios cookbook issues a
restart not a reload
  Reopened - Pull request was closed
  COOK-1327 - Route53 LWRP
  Closed - Wontfix, the existing route53 cookbook provides this support

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