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  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 10:27:45 -0400

Re: Move this into the ntpdate recipe

I didn't get a chance to go to the code review, but I'm going to interject. The ntpdate should not even be a recipe. The `/etc/default/ntpdate` file only disables the command `ntpdate-debian`, and has no effect on the redundant `ntpdate` command. This isn't a service to be disabled or managed, its just a command. A command that has some special purpose only on Debian, and only if explicitly called as `ntpdate-debian`.

I see my name at the top, and am thinking the only way that happened was a merge conflict circa COOK-1298.

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On 07/26/2013 05:01 PM, Bryan McLellan wrote:
   COOK-3274 - Typo that suggests the opposite action
   COOK-3021 - NRPE LWRP updates files every run
   COOK-2721 - nagios cookbook chef-solo support
   COOK-3019 - Incorrect server hook name in Gunicorn recip
   COOK-3133 - HAProxy cookbook should be able to configure a global stats 
   COOK-3295 - Java cookbook helper library assumes rhel, debian, smartos 
families, no default option

   COOK-1170 - Cannot redefine NTP servers in role.rb
   Reopened - Let's not end up with extra attributes for this
   COOK-2775 - Improve disable recipe to be cleaner
   Reopened - Move this into the ntpdate recipe
   COOK-3273 - Add tests to NTP cookbook
   Reopened - Level up the tests
   COOK-3025 - Allow proxy in yum_repository resource declarations
   Reopened - PR needs a rebase still
   COOK-3287 - Provide more customization points to make it possible to use 
   Assigned - Tim Smith will test this
   COOK-3254 - Allow app_nginx to work under solo
   Reopened - Why would node be a string?
   COOK-3293 - Allow main.cf and master.cf to be templates in other cookbooks
   Reopened - Docs?

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