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Just spit balling here...

Perhaps this sort of thing could be taken into account in features of the "new community site".  I'm thinking of the rating system - there was some discussion at the community summit of having multi-dimensional ratings, like maturity, quality, features, stability, etc.  I think maintainer commitment could be a category, perhaps.

Alternatively, one could imagine metrics being displayed on the community site - something like average time to respond to an issue, issues open longer than X days, etc.

Or: a button to flag the cookbook as needing a new maintainer. That would need moderation, I imagine.


On May 24, 2014 3:44 PM, "Scott M. Likens" < "> > wrote:

Please note I don't work for Opscode (Getchef) so this is just my view.

On 5/23/14 1:58 PM, Ryan Hass wrote:
A little over six months have gone by since many of the cookbooks were
handed off to various community maintainers. Now seems like a good time
to continue this discussion with wisdom at hand; I am sure many others,
like myself may have questions and surely have ideas on how to improve.

Many of the cookbook maintainers have done an outstanding job of working
with the community, resolving issues, and accepting and mentoring
changes. Unfortunately, there are a few which have not met the quality
standards which preceded their maintainer-ship. Having said this, I
would like to discuss the Chef governance policy with regards to
maintainers whom have been unable to fulfill their duties, and the
process of ensuring these cookbooks continue to have high quality going

Some questions I have are:

* What is the current governance of cookbooks which were previously
maintained by Chef (Opscode)?

* How can the community get involved in this governance process to
ensure high quality standards persist for said cookbooks?
Issues and Pull requests are you best friend here.  Taking back a cookbook is likely not easy; it would be easiest to fork it and point everyone to the new fork? There likely should be a policy here or otherwise we'll step on peoples feelings.


Please do not hesitate to share your questions or thoughts on the
subject of the cookbooks which were handed off. As mentioned, I am sure
there are many others with related questions and ideas on the topic.

-Ryan H.
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