[chef-dev] Chef DK 0.5.0 RC 1 released

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  • Subject: [chef-dev] Chef DK 0.5.0 RC 1 released
  • Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:33:23 -0700


Last night we released chefdk-0.5.0.rc.1.  The changelog lists the changes in this version but I have copied them here for reference:
  • Fixed bug where a cookbook with no source options couldn't be added to the Policyfile.rb
  • Updated Policyfile uploads to use the URLs specified in Chef RFC 042. Chef Zero has not yet been updated; Chef Zero users should continue to use compatibility mode (policy_document_native_api false) for Policyfiles.
  • Omnibus-Chef #337: Fix a ruby warning for redefined method in rubygems customization that interacted poorly with certain Ruby plugins for text editors.
  • Add support for uploading cookbooks to the cookbook artifacts API when policy_document_native_api true is set. This new API will be available in the next version of Chef Server if enabled with a server configuration option. Chef Zero support for this new API is incomplete, so this setting cannot be used with Chef Zero until a future update to Chef Zero enables this functionality.
  • chef -v now displays the version of the ChefDK, Chef, Berkshelf and Test Kitchen.
  • #150 Update generate repo command to no longer use monolithic repo.
  • Updated dependencies (some bundled with the omnibus build)
    • Chef - 12.2.0
    • chef-provisioning - 0.19
    • chef-provisioning-fog - 0.13.1
    • chef-provisioning-azure - 0.2.1
    • chef-provisioning-aws - 0.5.0
    • test-kitchen - 1.4.0
    • kitchen-vagrant - 0.17.0
The ChefDK RC packages can be obtained at the following URLs:

I generated those using the Omnitruck API so if you need packages for a different OS or OS version you can update the link as you so desire.

Look for another RC incoming soon (hopefully today) with an updated Chef and chef-provisioning version.  In the meantime, please test and let us know if you encounter issues!


  • [chef-dev] Chef DK 0.5.0 RC 1 released, Tyler Ball, 03/27/2015

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