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two additional points about this process:
- if you want to work on a ticket, whether or not the fix version is set, go ahead and set the fix version to the release you plan to fix it in. you don't have to limit yourself to the things that Opscode has selected for the release.
- ideally Opscode is on top of the tickets and they're all triaged (we'll be working on this over the next week). If you want to start work on an untriaged ticket, send mail to this list requesting that we triage it first.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Adam Jacob < "> > wrote:
Hi guys!

We've added a new field to the ticketing system, called 'Triaged'.
We're going to go back through every open ticket, reviewing whether
they are still relevant, and marking them as triaged.

If a ticket is marked as Triaged, it's been accepted as a bug,
feature, or improvement.  I'll be updating the projects to make it
easy to show up and select a triaged ticket to work on.

We're going to start setting the release version explicitly for
tickets that Opscode is signing up for in our two-week sprint process.
 You can see the current set here:


We're going to see how it works to tie our release cycle to the end of
the sprint cycle.  Most likely, that makes the next release be
sometime around April 6.

If you have suggestions for ways we can improve the process, let us know.


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Adam Jacob, CTO
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