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You may also (in addition to the HA setup) want to check out Spiceweasel: https://github.com/mattray/spiceweasel which will allow you to reference all of your nodes, cookbooks, roles etc in a yaml file and bulk load from it.


On Jul 5, 2011, at 1:42 PM, Adam Jacob wrote:

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 7:30 AM,  < "> > wrote:
As we move configuration  of more critical components to our chef server, we
need to implement some sort of high availability solution for our chef

Any one has experience in that matter ?

a)      Is replication of couchdb, solr index viable ? or

It depends on what level of HA you require. For both CouchDB and Solr,
you can handle this with DRBD and passive failover for what is usually
sub-second takeover on failure - this is also good for things like
cookbook uploads (stick /var/chef on the DRBD drives.)

You can also make each component HA on their own, using the mechanisms
the upstream recommends - Replication in both cases you list above.

b)      it is  more simple to just re-create the database from source code
of cookbook, roles and databags ? in that case how to make sure that we
donĀ“t have to re-register each node

You likely want to be keeping an active replica (either with app
replication or disk-level replication) for your failover - this helps
in DR, but that's what backups are for.


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