[chef] Product roadmaps for Chef, chef console?

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  • From: Bryan Berry < >
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  • Subject: [chef] Product roadmaps for Chef, chef console?
  • Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 10:27:14 +0200

hey guys,

I am new to Chef and very excited about it.

I have to admit that the Puppet recent feature list for its enterprise 2.0 product made me quite envious. I am sure that the Chef team is also working on exciting stuff but I can't find a product roadmap page for chef. Is there something like that buried somewhere?

features i am particularly interested in:

tripwire-like detection of change in system configuration, to detect intrusions and maintain security compliance
vsphere integration
roadmap for chef web-interface (console)

I am also curious whether opscode is specifically targeting web startups and newish e-commerce outfits or also interested in the features that make corporate IT middle managers salivate (read: compliance). 


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