[chef] How to install PHPUnit using Chef?

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  • Subject: [chef] How to install PHPUnit using Chef?
  • Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 21:31:01 +0000
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I am using Chef via Vagrant and am trying to install PHPUnit. I am able to install PHP and PEAR, but when it comes to installing PHPUnit, it does not work. I'm using a recipe that I found online, but it doesn't seem to work:

channels = %w{pear.phpunit.de components.ez.no pear.symfony-project.com}

channels.each do |chan|

  php_pear_channel chan do

    action [:discover, :update]



php_pear "HTTP_Request2" do

  preferred_state "beta"

  action :install


php_pear "XML_RPC2" do

  action :install


php_pear "PHPUnit" do

  channel "phpunit"

  action :install


All of the commands seem to execute just fine, but when I ssh into the virtual machine, PHPUnit is not installed. I can install it (including all dependencies) from the command line with this command:

sudo pear install –a phpunit/PHPUnit

How can I run this command using Chef?

Thanks for your help,


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