[chef] Omnibus on Ubuntu 11.10 / 12.04 w/ knife bootstrap?

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  • Subject: [chef] Omnibus on Ubuntu 11.10 / 12.04 w/ knife bootstrap?
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 10:45:18 -0500

I'm trying out the omnibus installer for the first time, given that it is the new One True Way. However, I'm running into some surprises. I'm curious if I'm doing something wrong or if this really is the state of things:

1. There are no Chef 0.10.10 packages on http://s3.amazonaws.com/opscode-full-stack/ except for Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows. So I can't install the latest chef on Ubuntu 11.10, for example, with Omnibus. This seems weird since 0.10.10 is the version that "blessed" Omnibus via the new default chef-full bootstrap template. And generally, if I'm bootstrapping from 0.10.10, then that's the version I want on the bootstrapped server (so I can use the new chef_gem command, etc.).

2. There is no support at all for Ubuntu 12.04, even though there is a new -gems template for that distro. There seems to be no directory for 12.04 for any version of Chef on http://s3.amazonaws.com/opscode-full-stack/.

So it seems like Omnibus/chef-full is still lagging the other bootstrap methods at this point for the latest Ubuntu versions. Is that correct?

How can I best help get things up to date?


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