[chef] Re: Using chef to manage your OS X server environments?

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  • Subject: [chef] Re: Using chef to manage your OS X server environments?
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 01:33:30 -0600

I wrote last year two posts about how I manage my Macs with Chef. 

* http://jtimberman.housepub.org/blog/2011/04/03/managing-my-workstations-with-chef/
* http://jtimberman.housepub.org/blog/2011/09/04/update-to-managing-my-workstations/

I have a few updates to make at some point but it's not all finished.  You may be interested in what Ben Bleything has done here: 

* https://github.com/bleything/bootstrap

Or what Pivotal Labs has: 

* https://github.com/pivotal/pivotal_workstation

These are workstation examples, obviously but there is applicable work for cross platform use of course. Opscode has also updated a few cookbooks to support OSX, MySQL, git, build-essential for example. 

Joshua Timberman
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On Friday, June 29, 2012 at 18:20, Brad Knowles wrote:


I know that chef supports OS X, at least to a degree (cf. <http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Installing+Chef+Client+on+OS+X> and <http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Workstation+Setup+for+Mac+OS+X>). However, I'm wondering how many people out there have an installed base of OS X clients (and servers) and are using chef to help manage those assets? Anyone doing that for both OS X and some flavour of Linux as well?


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