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Kent, Devesh - I unearthed your message from a few weeks ago and was wondering, how's the migration going?

I was in a similar position a couple of years ago, losing the argument at $WORK that the switching costs from Puppet to Chef were more significant than the advocates were letting on. I had nothing against Chef, per se, just that our issues with Puppet were from a poor implementation, and that we'd make all kinds of new mistakes in Chef, which we did.

I think Chef is pretty awesome, BTW. (These views are my own, and not those of my employer).

If you're still looking for some migration tips, I'll try to cough up a few. The main thing I'd emphasize that Puppet is more different from Chef than it first seems, so get training and read books to understand Chef as well as you can. Also, embrace the test frameworks, esp. test-kitchen, since they can make your life significantly better (and to my knowledge, has no equivalent in the Puppet community)*



* Yes, I'm aware there's a Puppet provisioner for test-kitchen (https://github.com/neillturner/kitchen-puppet), I'm just not aware if there's been much uptake among module writers.

It was not our choice to migrate. The CTO knows someone who works for Chef, so we are migrating. We'd prefer to stay with puppet.

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Apologies for hijacking this thread.
It would be helpful if you could provide details on the reason for you to
migrating from Puppet to Chef. What are the criteria you took into
consideration and which are the major deciding point for you to choose Chef
over Puppet.

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