[chef] REST API question: How to fetch file?

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  • From: Roberto Leibman < >
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  • Subject: [chef] REST API question: How to fetch file?
  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 10:59:58 -0700

I need to fetch an attribute file from the chef service...

Using the REST API, I call

GET /organizations/NAME/cookbooks/NAME/VERSION

And among other things I get:


I tried to fetch the file using the url given (either directly, or using the same signature schema as other REST api calls), but it doesn't work, I get a 403.

What is the meaning of the URL if it's not to fetch the file? How do I fetch the file? Is there a different REST api call that will give me the file directly (since I know everything else about it)


Roberto Leibman

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