[chef] Re: Include recipe if file exists.

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  • Subject: [chef] Re: Include recipe if file exists.
  • Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2015 15:21:41 -0700

Similarly, you probably want to package your recipe as an LWRP and then you can:

unless File::exist?("/etc/foo/bar")
  foo "bar" do
    action :run

Or use a not_if, or just bake the File.exist? check into the LWRP.

Since you mention you've had compile/converge issues its probably better to bake the File.exist? check into the idempotency check of an LWRP and then you *always* call the LWRP and the provider code simply does "return if File.exist?("/etc/foo/bar")" and then the calling code is not responsible for that check and just calls the LWRP.

On 10/08/2015 09:17 AM, Doug Garstang wrote:

Trying to do a conditional include_recipe based on a file existing. Doesn't work due to compile/converge stage stuff.

A workaround was suggested here by the folks that should know:

However, it doesn't work, just as someone else responded to the ticket with. They did not get a reply.

So, just to be clear, as suggested, this does not work:

unless ::File.exists?("/etc/foo/bar")
  include_recipe "foo::bar"


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