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On 30/08/12 12:05 AM, Joshua Timberman wrote:
We're still working through the backlog of COOK contributions from you, our 
awesome community. I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the time and 
effort put into every ticket reported and pull request sent our way. This 
culture of sharing is truly awesome. If you'd like to participate in our 
community summit in October, there's plenty of tickets available. Also, you 
can get in-person hugs if that's your thing :-).

In addition to reviewing contributions from the community, we're working to 
add basic test-kitchen support and clean up foodcritic warnings (at least for 
correctness) across our cookbooks. All cookbook testing prior to new releases 
will go through test-kitchen, so this is a very important project.

Anyway, we've released a few cookbooks over the past week or two, and more 
are on the way. Full details are available in the CHANGELOG.md of each 
cookbook, and the tickets mentioned. We would like to thank Tim Smith from 
WebTrends for his work on the nagios cookbook. Along with other contributors, 
he's made a lot of great improvements to the cookbook and making it even more 
data driven through the Chef Server API. Thanks Tim!
We have over 100 tickets that have been resolved and merged that need to be 
tested before release. We're working on the test process and integrating 
support for test-kitchen along the way. We'll also be closing old pull 
requests in the legacy monolithic cookbooks repository, so please do update 
those to the standalone repositories in opscode-cookbooks organization.

This is great! Really glad to hear about all the changes and focus on adding automated testing for the cookbooks going forward. That kind of focus is just amazing when it comes to cookbook changes getting merged and immediate notification of unexpected changes.

I'm curious if it would be too much to ask for period updates to the list about recent releases of cookbooks and the overview like you've provided here? Perhaps it could happen every 2-3 weeks so it's not a huge burden.


Leif Madsen

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