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Hi Julian,

Yes, I do appreciate that /etc/*-release is used to discover this. I'm simply concerned about (i) proliferation of distributions; (ii) when those distro vendors' get it wrong ...

I'm not entirely sure Pidora is abandonware - but is is a little unloved. The issue with Fedora/ARM is that nobody's cutting images - it's very much DIY if you can put together a sufficient kickstart file. Presently, I'm being a little lazy and running with Pidora - but immediately bootstrapping Chef onto it and completely reconstituting it against my own ARM repo ;)


On 11/28/2013 05:02 PM, Julian C. Dunn wrote:
I discovered that this is because they hacked up /etc/fedora-release
with their own stuff instead of just leaving it as-is. On Fedora, ohai
reads this file to determine node['platform'] and

I hacked it back to what Fedora 18 looks like and everything is fine.

I'm not sure if Pidora is abandonware now, in light of Fedora
supporting ARM? There hasn't been a new Pidora release for F19, and
F20 is almost out, so I'm wondering what's happening with the project.

- Julian

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 12:45 AM, Alan Milligan
< >
I know there have been a number of discussions about platforms, platform
families and 'flavours' over the last couple of months. I'm not sure
anything much has been resolved yet though.

To add a little more petrolium product to the discussion, I hacked up
BastionLinux on Raspberry Pi the other day:

The most excellent thing is I only had to build a couple of gems to get our
chef-client stack running (10.28.0).  But a vanilla Pidora release has

platform:          pidora
platform_family:   pidora
platform_version:  3.6.11

It's rather a PITA hacking chef/platforms.rb to get through a run-list (and
it seems raspberian is the only Pi-based distro supported out of the box).

Note also, in this rather unfortunate case, the Platform family *should* be
fedora, and worse, the platform_version should be '18' (it's a remix of
Fedora 18) - instead the Pidora crew elected to go with kernel version.

Is there any plan perhaps to use/have an ohai hint even to readily sort out
anomalies like this?


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