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Personally I would recommend keeping it all in Chef.  Our company started with a RHN sat server that handled a limited amount of management / deployment on RHEL systems.  We've moved to a pure Chef setup since then and it's made life a lot easier as we can manage all system types in a single location.  It'll probably make your life a lot easier to have it all come from a single location.  Creating two sources of truth will only cause confusion and reduce some of the cool things you can do with Chef via search.

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I am looking for some provisioning guidance…


We have a  Red Hat Satellite server installed, but not well used/configured yet.


I’m not sold that RHN is the best solution for us.


I want Chef to be the “backbone” app that manages our Red Hat servers, packages, config files, services, etc.


Should RHN manage general OS packages and chef do specific things?


e.g.  I have a apache role, assign it to a server.  Part of the role says what version of apache to use.  Should that functionality live in cobbler/RHN instead?


Should we have a “production” repo that contains all packages and have chef ensure what is locally installed matches the production repo?  Should that be RHN’s job?


Is this a “it depends” type answer?



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