[chef] Multiple versions of same cookbook in one chef git repo

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  • Subject: [chef] Multiple versions of same cookbook in one chef git repo
  • Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 11:31:32 +0000
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I’m dealing with some interesting configurations where one git repository is used for production and testing environments on a project. I can set up a different branch or tag for each environment, and set up a chef server for each environment, and keep testing or variant cookbooks separated that way. But it’s awkward.


I’d love to be able to use cookbook versions, specified for each environment as needed, to load or change the version of the cookbook. So “example” cookbook 1.0.0 gets loaded on most hosts, for example, but on testing hosts for the same server “example” cookbook “0.0.9” is specified and used. The difficulty is being able to record and load the distinct cookbooks from the same working git repository. If I try publishing them as “cookbooks/example-0.0.9” and “cookbooks/example-0.1.0”, they get uploaded as “example-0.0.9”, with version “0.0.9”, and that breaks things seriously.


Does anyone know how to publish and automatically upload distinct versions cookbooks of the same name in a working chef server environment, under git?


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