[chef] Changes to run_list (sometimes) won't stick!

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  • Subject: [chef] Changes to run_list (sometimes) won't stick!
  • Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 13:43:45 +1100

I'm being bitten by a race-condition when altering the run-list for a node (using either the Web UI, or "knife").  Sometimes, the changes just don't stick!

In particular, they don't stick if I make the change while "chef-client" is running on the node.  The problem appears to be that chef-client saves the Node object at the end of it's run, reverting the run-list to it's previous state.

Someone logged a bug about this a couple of weeks ago:


but the problem appears to have existed for a while.  I'm a little surprised that it hasn't been reported as an issue before now!   I guess most people aren't in the habit of messing with run-lists that much ... at this stage, we're doing do mainly in automated tests for our provisioning scripts.

It seems weird to me that chef-client attempts to update the node's own "configuration" data, rather than just it's "status".  Should there be a better separation between the two in Chef::Node?

Can anyone suggest how I might (a) work around the problem, or (b) fix it, in Chef::Node or chef-client?

Is it likely that changes to other Node attributes would be similarly affected, i.e. reverted at the end of each chef-client run?

Mike Williams

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